Just a few of the comments from people about the decision to cease the Dartford River Crossing Escort Patrols.


  • is anyone can help me drive on Dartford Bridge? I was always with someone but I will be driving on my own and I am scared of driving on the bridge.I will be driving on this Friday 15th. After Dartford Bridge I’m ok to drive my way.
  • My mother was on a way to a funeral not knowing the escort patrols had ceased, so had to telephone a family member, an hour away, to come from where they were meeting to pick her up.
  • I have a problem crossing the Dartford bridge namely because of its height and was wondering whether there is any news about reinstating assisted crossings. 
  • Have fear of heights and claustrophobia but was able to use the Dartford River Crossing when escort patrols in effect, just by knowing they were available.
  • My son was able to use the Dartford Crossing until the escort patrols ceased. This caused him a long detour and in the end had to give up his job.
  • Traffic Officer: We wanted them to remain in place but ignored.