One has to ask the question, ‘Has the Highways Agency ever really considered the the implications for people who suffer from a ‘Fear of Heights’ or ‘Claustrophobia’ or any other disability’?

The Highways Agency has written: -
‘I don’t plan to over promote the shortest diversion because that is through the Blackwall Tunnel or over the Thames at Woolwich, which is not really any use to those who can’t use the DRC’ 
(DRC – Dartford River Crossing).

HA has made no effort to understand phobias and/or Medical Conditions or why the assisted service was in place i.e. Did not discuss with experienced traffic officers.

For many the service just being there gave them confidence to use this part of the National Road Network.

The loss of this invaluable service has caused the following: -

  • Stopped people from using the Dartford River Crossing.
    Making it extremely difficult for people to see family and friends; for social activities, to go on holiday and funerals.
  • Motorists still turn up at the Bridge or Tunnels unaware service ceased.
  • Adversely affects people from all over country/nationwide.
  • People have lost their jobs or have had to change jobs.
  • People not able to apply for jobs.
  • Adversely affected Businesses with either extra costs, loss of work and employees.
  • Making motorists to take long diversionary routes which increases: Pollution, Congestion, Distance travelled, Time and Costs.