The Highways Agency have stated they took DVLA and Police advice.  This cannot be proven as no notes ever made or correspondence.
NOTE: Highways Agency stated nothing in writing – If they took place only discussed general information applying to all motorists Nationwide.

  • DVLA – Discussion by telephone, so no-one knows if this actually took place, as no notes ever made!
  • Police – Meeting took place in Surrey with Police who weres not aware of the fact that Escort Patrols were provided (No notes of meeting made), if it took place!
From correspondence and comments from people at the Highways Agency, it appears all the information they give is actual opinions of comments or other peoples opinions, as they have nothing in writing, not even making notes or keeping minutes of meetings, as all done informally!
Highways Agency has written they acknowledge problems for Drivers, at the Dartford River Crossing which is unique, especially regarding the QEII Bridge.

“ I don’t think it’s a question of benefit, I think it’s a question of whether or not it was ever a good thing to be doing” ………….
“It was clearly a benefit from those who benefited from the service, there was no question about that”.  “To have it taken away I guess, because I am not in that position, a significant hardship to those that involved.  I’ve got no illusions about that”. 


  FACT – Decision made without anything in writing!
1) The Highways Agency state all information before 30TH JUNE 2009, MISSING:
Lost, mislaid, destroyed or even hidden; ALL Letters, e/mails and every piece of documentation in coming to the decision
plus never made notes at meetings!

 The HIGHWAYS AGENCY originally gave TOTALLY FALSE (LIES) reasons for withdrawing the assisted escort patrols.
Once challenged they then made up various other reasons which have proven to be totally unfounded.

2) No records in existence, not even in backups
No Consultation,
No Research,
No Comparisons,
No written facts,
to back up their statements,
No notes ever taken at meetings, as all meetings informal!
In FACT certain important notes they did make was after the service was ceased on 31st July 2009 and after they gave advice to the Minister in August 2009!

  • From correspondence appears they did not follow Normal Procedures which States “I therefore find any suggestion of ceasing this service provided to customers ‘with immediate effect’ somewhat surprising to say the very least given the HA usual stance of consulting customers and stakeholders on any changes propose”.
  • Also continued to issue false or totally misleading information as to why this service was withdrawne.g. state based on advice from DVLA & Police – TOTALLY FALSE.

The original reasons given by the Highways Agency for the cessation of the Escort Patrols have been proved to be a total fabrication and then gave more reasons which have been proved unfounded.

The only reason factually for ceasing the Escort Patrols by the Highways Agency, that has any credence, after totally disproving ALL reasons they have given, appears to be the then Labour Government wanted to sell this part of the road network which bought in £70,000,000 a year, (£20 million being spent on maintenance and operating costs and the rest increases government funding for transport) when charges were £1. Charges now £2.50 so profits now believed to be between £125-£150 million pounds a year!

The Escort Patrols, for the QE2 Bridge and the 2 Tunnels were in effect for over 40 years without incident and the Highways Agency (now Highways England) stated No Costs involved as fitted in with staff duties.