QEII Bridge

UNIQUE - Dartford River Crossing (QEII Bridge & 2 Tunnels)

The Highways Agency have acknowledged problems (see also under HA Documentation).

QEII Bridge– 80% higher than Severn Crossing Bridge. There are no real comparisons anywhere in the country where you have a bridge going up to the sky and tunnel(s) in the other direction. 

The Severn Crossing Bridge which the Highways Agency sometimes refer to is completely different and has wind resistant sides.

The Highways Agency did not carry out any actual comparisons and no consultations.

You cannot compare the Severn Crossing (SC) with the
Dartford River Crossing (DRC) for the following reasons: -

  • The Dartford Crossing is UNIQUE in that you have a humped backed bridge (going up to the sky) and 2 tunnels in the other direction.  SC is just a flat bridge.
  • The sides of the SC Bridge, unlike the DRC, are fitted with special railings to reduce lateral wind loads coming from the Severn estuary onto the traffic and this has reduced the number of times that speed restrictions have been needed.
  • DRC is 65 metres above Thames (213 feet)(humped back)   80% higher Total Height 137 metres (449 ft – includes pillars)

Severn Crossing is 37 metres (121 ft) high (and is flat)