HA Letter Ceasing Escort Patrols

Highways Agency Letter 9th July 2009 below (This letter is Inaccurate and Misleading – containing false information – see letter and comments below) advising of the withdrawal of the Escort Patrols from midnight on 31st July 2009 (decision made on 2nd July 2009).

Reason for the short notice appears to be because they were worried about objections from individuals and organisations, so this would not give anyone time to take action.


According to the information supplied by the Highways Agency, it appears the decision was made by one individual on their own thoughts after receiving verbal information and some discussions but without any notes ever being made.

The Highways Agency issued their letter of the 9th July 2009 to very few people.

Highways Agency Letter

COMMENT (FACTS) re Misleading & False information


Le Crossing Company Limited

                                    South Orbital Way

9 July 2009

Re: Transportation of Motorists

The Highways Agency has recently reviewed all the services provided at |the Dartford Thurrock Crossing including the practice of Le Crossing Traffic officers assisting motorists who are reluctant or unable to drive themselves through the crossings.

There are a number of tunnels on the strategic road network and a number of elevated structures not dissimilar to those at Dartford.  No similar  service service is provided elsewhere and motorists do have to make route choices under those circumstances.  Nonetheless, close consideration was given to whether the practice at Dartford should be continued.

Having carefully considered all of the circumstances, who have benefited from the practice in the past, the Highways Agency has decided that motorists should not be transported in the future but encouraged to follow DVLA guidance concerning reporting of relevant conditions and make prudent choices concerning their choice of route taking into account anything that may make one route more safe or suitable than another.

Le Crossing have now been informed of this decision and have been instructed to advise customers using this service that it will cease at midnight on Friday 311 July 2009.

It is recognized that for some, this decision may require some addidtional travel to secure a suitable alternative.  The blackwall Tunnel and Woolwich Ferry are two examples of alternative crossings to Dartford.

I understand that this news is likely to be disappointing to you but hope that you will appreciate the Highways Agency’s position in this matter.

Yours faithfully


Operations Manager


Escort Patrols were in effect for over 40 years without incident. 
This letter by the Highways Agency is so inaccurate it leaves one wondering about their COMPETENCE (or lack of!!!!) 

No documentation in existence to prove any consideration was ever given of actual facts.




The Dartford River Crossing is UNIQUE.

QEII Bridge in one direction and 2 tunnels in the other.
Even in correspondence the Highways Agency acknowledge problems, especially caused by the QEII Bridge.

TOTALLY FALSE statement:
I have spoken to the person who obtained only verbal information from the DVLA and they could not supply any justification for this statement.  In fact the DVLA have issued correspondence totally the opposite of what the Highways Agency state.

Regarding the comment make prudent choices concerning their choice of route’, IS A GENERAL COMMENT WHICH APPLIES TO ALL DRIVERS all over the world  every day.



NOTE: The Highways Agency has written: -
I don’t plan to over promote the shortest diversion because that is through the Blackwall Tunnel or over the Thames at Woolwich, which is not really any use to those who can’t use the DRC’ 
(DRC – Dartford River Crossing).

The Highways Agency have no documentation before 30th June 2009, so according to them made decision on ones thoughts!!!!