HA Documentation

Documentation supplied by the Highways Agency (HA).

Please NOTE:
The Highways Agency have supplied quite a bit of information under the Freedom of Information Act,
ALL of which has proved to be EITHER FALSE, MISLEADING or UNTRUE .


The following is just one of the deliberate ways they scared people from objecting, with FALSE INFORMATION.

I’m talking about drivers with a fear of heights or enclosed spaces
The view here is we can’t really be one part of government doing something that conflicts with another part of it – i.e. helping someone get round the ability to drive in any situation that compromises their driving licence and standard, as in the DVLA and DSA. (See section 4 (v) page 14).

PLEASE NOTE: TOTALLY UNTRUE, a Fear of Heights and/or Claustrophobia are not reportable, as confirmed by the DVLA].
This proves that their comment ‘Not Fit to Drive’ is a manipulation of the actual facts.

Therefore, obviously will NOT compromise anyone’s driving licence.


IF THE HIGHWAYS AGENCY TAKE ANY ISSUE WITH THE ABOVE STATEMENT please EMAIL with full facts and supporting documentation to prove any comments/statements you make.

NOTE: (When you write to them via ones MP, or the Minister, I have been informed that the Highways Agency write the reply for the Minister to sign, so of no real help)

I proved that the reasons given by the Highways Agency for the withdrawal were fictitious and every comment they made.
In the end stated, ‘It is not a legal requirement to provide this service’, which was in effect for over 40 years without incident and ‘also not in Hansard’ (Parliamentary documents).

The Highways Agency stated that staffing & workloads were not affected and NO COSTS involved in providing the service.
The assisted service was withdrawn in 2009 by the Labour government which I understand was because they wanted to sell this part of the road network!

Highways Agency commented: “ I don’t think it’s a question of benefit, I think it’s a question of whether or not it was ever a good thing to be doing” ………….
“It was clearly a benefit from those who benefited from the service, there was no question about that”.  “To have it taken away I guess, because I am not in that position, a significant hardship to those that involved.  I’ve got no illusions about that”!
They appear did not care or understand the problems, whilst acknowledging them.

All information before the closure was either lost, destroyed or maybe even hidden by the Highways Agency as they advised none available.
Plus if you can believe it never made notes at any meetings!

The HIGHWAYS AGENCY have  given just their opinion without any facts to back it  up or lied it appears to:

  • The Minister,
  • The Public,
  • MPs
  • The Media.

NOTE: They continued throughout to issue inaccurate information to all the above, in writing and on the Radio.