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The object of this website is to supply facts as to why the ESCORT PATROLS at the DARTFORD RIVER CROSSING must be reinstated.

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Campaign begins in 2017 for escort service at Dartford River Crossing to be brought back, that was withdrawn without any justification.
Highways Agency confirmed does not affect staffing levels and costs nothing as fitted in with with their duties.
1) Writing for assistance in getting this service reinstated.
2) Theresa May, Prime Minister, has stated in 2017 wants to help NHS & people with disabilities/mental health issues and therefore, hopefully will assist in reinstatement of the escort patrols at the ‘Dartford River Crossing’.
3) Writting for updated Revenue Figures and costs in running the Dartford River Crossing March 2017

Reinstate Assisted Dartford Crossing Escort Patrols (Radcep)
In effect for over 40 years without incident.

QEII Bridge (road up to 65 metres – 213 feet above Thames) & 2 Tunnels

The Highways Agency should Reinstate the Assisted Dartford Crossing Escort Patrols, immediately for the QEII Bridge & both tunnels.
The service withdrawn by them from midnight 31st July 2009 (Decision made 2nd July 2009) - advising people only a short time beforehand, without any justification, as were worried about objections, besides not understanding why the Assistance was there in the first place!

The Highways Agency has stated that staffing & workloads were not affected and NO COSTS involved in providing the service.

If anyone wishes/can assist please kindly e/mail: radcep@virginmedia.com (No attachments please unless agreed).


The Highways Agency withdrew the Escort Patrols from midnight 31st July 2009
(Decision made 2nd July 2009) - giving short notice before ceasing as were worried about objections.

When you write to ones MP, or the Minister, I have been informed that the Highways Agency write the reply for the Minister to sign, so of no real help.

Highways Agency – FACTS

  1. Originally gave reason was because of advice from DVLA & Police which proved to be totally untrue.
  2. Then gave other reasons which proved were: False, Untrue or fabricated and deliberately issued misleading information.
  3. HA have made up comments or given just their opinion without any facts to back them up or lied, as it appears they have done to the Minister, the Public, MPs and the Media.
  4. From correspondence appears they did not follow Normal Procedures, noted States “I therefore find any suggestion of ceasing this service provided to customers ‘with immediate effect’ somewhat surprising to say the very least given the HA usual stance of consulting customers and stakeholders on any changes propose”.
  5. The Highways Agency were upset that the providers of this service stated, ‘Given the long standing nature of this valued service to our customers, without incident, we were concerned to this being addressed’.
    Also asked the previous providers to stop their workers contacting them about their inappropriate decision. Once again the HA have lost, mislaid or destroyed all information.
  6. Highways Agency has written they acknowledge problems for Drivers, especially regarding the QEII Bridge but then state do not understand!
  7. Admitted all information before 30TH JUNE 2009, MISSING:
    Lost, mislaid, destroyed; ALL Letters, e/mails and every piece of documentation in coming to the decision, plus stated never made notes at meetings!

No records in existence, not even in backups
No Consultation,
No Research,
No Comparisons,
No written facts,
to back up their statements,
No notes ever taken at meetings, as all meetings informal!
In FACT certain important notes they did make was after they had written to the Labour Minister at the time in August 2009!!!

The HA deny the decision to withdraw this service was made on instructions of the LABOUR party who were considering selling the Dartford River Crossing but there was/is no other authentic/plausable reason GIVEN!

For many the service just being there gave them confidence to use this part of the National Road Network. SEE under heading MOTORISTS the problems The loss of this invaluable service has caused.

Only ASSISTANCE PROVIDED at Dartford River Crossing: For cyclists and understand since 2009 Abnormal/Hazadous/Dangerous Loads.
Up to 1st August 2009 Escort Patrols were provided for over 40 years for Cyclists, ALL motorists, excluding Hazardous Loads.

IF the HIGHWAYS AGENCY TAKEs any ISSUE WITH the ABOVE STATEMENTs please contact us by EMAIL with full facts and supporting documentation IMMEDIATELY.

Campaign is led by Jeffrey Goodwin, Basildon Essex & Albert Smith, Gillingham Kent.

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